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It's Never Too Late

I love learning new things. Matt and I are similar in this area. The difference is , I may be up for trying a few more things than he would. i sometimes don't think things through. Like the time I thought i'd go out and buy roller blades and learn how to blade my way to fitness but at the time I was playing golf, tennis and a million other things . so sometimes I over do it. Matt recently took up the guitar, something he's being wanting to do for years. He's loves music and singing, so it was a perfect fit for him and he's loving it. My hubby has a guitar at home so i asked our producer Peter (who's a very gifted guitarist) to give me a lesson or 2 and you know what? I may not be the next Bruno Mars but I sure loved it. So don't ever not try something with the thought I'm just too old for this. You're never too old for anything.