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Matt's Out, Sunni's In

I ususally try to come back from vacation a couple of days early so I can rest, do all the laundry the minute I get home and get used to the idea of getting back to work. Sometimes things don't turn out that way. My hubby and I were in Portugal (a beautiful country by the way) at the atriport on Friday, june 13th ( i should i have known by the date) when we told there was a problem with the plane and we'd have to sat another night til the problem was fixed. Okay these things happen . Then we arrive Saturday morning,we go throughcustoms and clearance only to find out out the problemn wasn't fixed and we had to spend another night in Portugal. The airline paid for our accomodations,transfers, food and given a cash voucher(not a coupon but cash)for the inconvenience. We got back yesterday (june 15th)at 11am from our 7 hour flight. Who says life isn't an adventure is nuts!!!!!