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It's All About Choices

I 've been talking to a number of people about how they're afraid of trying on their spring/summer clothes for fear of splitting their capris in half. It isn't fun to have a shift like mine and try to eat properly, exercise and maybe lose a pound or 2 but I'll tell you since working with Cheryl at More Than Weight Loss wellness Centre, I've lost weight, inches and more importantly body fat. I've had to make choices in my first phase of this program. The choices have been to give myself a rest from these foods and focus on eating smarter and healthier. Listen, this isn't a diet . This is a lifestyle adjustment that will change your life and make you feel a whole lot better and if you're a shift worker (and there are so many in this town) , this plan will help you big time. Call Cheryl at the More than weightless wellness centre. Her number is 289-808-5778.