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Keep Your Eyes on the Potholes

There is no reason absolutely no reason to be texting and driving.  It's an obstacle course out there of potholes and that's the most dangerous diversion out there right now.  Just think of the cost when your car gets eaten up by a huge volcanic sized hole in the road? It's not pretty and I know you've probabl;y tried to call the city and find out how they can help.  The best help is reporting the pothole or potholes because it is a way to get the road repaired but does that mean compensation for you and your vehicle?  i guess you don't know til you give it a try.  Good luck and keep your eyes on the road please!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. MarieV posted on 02/27/2014 12:22 PM
    since you guys talked about the pot holes hat i told you about on the 403 from Main st to hwy 6 ..i noticed this morning on my way into work that some of them have been temporarily filled...i guess mentioning them on the radio that morning helped...thank you
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