On-Air Personalities

On-Air Personalities

Sunni & Hayes

Click here to go to the Morning Show page. The Matt Hayes/Sunni Genesco story began over 20 years ago. In fact, they're one of Hamilton's longest-running radio morning teams - ever!For the last three years, the Sunni & Hayes show has been simultaneously broadcasting at 6:45am, 7:45am & 8:45am ... more...

Jack Peets

Niagara born and raised, I've been a radio-head since my teens. I love the Niagara Region and all of Southern Ontario. It's the people, the natural beauty, the golf, the warm weather... did I mention the golf? But the best part of my day is spent on the air with ... more...

Aiko Iwashita

You know that 80's song by the Belle Stars, "IKO IKO" featured in Rain Man & Mission Impossible 2, well that's how you pronounce my name Aiko, not spelt the same but it sounds the same. Now, try not to sing that song for the rest of the day! HA! ... more...

Ryan Seacrest

Born and raised in Atlanta, Seacrest has been the heart and soul of television and in radio for many years, beginning as the host of such kids shows as, "Gladiators 2000" (1994), Fox Family Channel's Wild Animal Games (1995) (TV), and "Click" (1997/II), which ultimately led him to his afternoon ... more...

K-Lite Blogs

  • Burlington, Ontario: Unseen

    Kien Tran worked on this video for 3 months to give viewers a stunning glimpse at his home town, Burlington Ontario. The result is absolutely beautiful - it was such a treat to explore some of places in Burlington that on a day to day basis might go 'unseen'. Read More
  • A Party With Great Prizes

    Did I mention there will be coffee and a light breakfast served? Read More
  • Your Party Invite

    This is your personal invitation to join Matt and I for our annual Sunni and Hayes Christmas party. No presents required just bring yourself to Sarcoa restaurant at Hamilton Bayfront on Tuesday,December 23rd. The show will be live from 530 til 9am and they'll be music ,coffee ,fun and more importantly your kids may enjoy a little at the outdoor rink with the beautiful bay as your backdrop.We'd love to see you . Let's share the season together! Read More