François Kevorkian

Francois Kevorkian was born in Rodez, France, on January 10, 1954. His mother was a dentist, and his father was a sound engineer. Divorce split his family at a young age, so he stayed with his mother until he was 13 and stayed with his father past that. After a year at college, he was expelled for starting a general strike, so he started to make music full-time. He tried school one more time, but by 1976 he was living in New York and playing the drums to supplement the DJs at a dance bar. He learned the DJ equipment and by the time the club closed he already had found new work as a DJ. He began to learn how to manipulate the records and tapes, and when the house DJ finally left the club, Kevorkian had his first regular gig. Since then Kevorkian has become a legendary DJ in the club underground, boasting an unusually big following for a DJ.
Bradley Torreano, Rovi