Eskimo Disco

One of the many synth-driven post-punk revival bands that emerged from the U.K. at the turn of the 21st century, Eskimo Disco had their first taste of success with a twangy, disco-infused dance single called "7-11." Scott Doran, Tom Moore, and Liam Paton formed the band in London in 2003 as an alternative to the DJ-only club nights that dominated London's nightlife. Forging a sound that combined the intelligent club beats of Daft Punk and Kraftwerk with the irreverent, danceable indie rock of groups like Electric Six and Bloc Party, the group gained a following in the London area with their sweaty, boisterous live shows. Their first single, "7-11," came out in 2005, and the band went on to open up for bands like the Arctic Monkeys and Mint Royale on the strength of that release.
Margaret Reges, Rovi

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