Andrew White

Adjectives will not do justice to this man, and it is even hard to invoke imagery suitable to describe his accomplishments. There are the players known as musician's musicians; Andrew White, one would have to say, is a musician's musician's musician. Any one of his talents might be judged as an impossibility by any other ordinary mortal: such as learning to play the oboe; overdubbing a chamber music quartet and playing all the instruments himself; transcribing all the solos of John Coltrane and Eric Dolphy; or having the stamina to play a 24-hour gig, wearing out three rhythm sections in the process. This is not to mention his playing bass and doing musical arrangements for the wonderful pop and soul group the 5th Dimension; making an ear-grabbing appearance on an early Weather Report album; or publishing his autobiography, the hilarious Sugar. Jazz fans who have caught one of his live shows no doubt have a treasured memory of his amazing energy and seemingly bottomless well of improvisational ideas. Like many great artists, he also has aspects of his career that are of interest from outside the perspective of his particular genre, in this case jazz.

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