Prolific British avant-proggers Guapo have released numerous albums and EPs since forming in 1994. Despite often changing from one release to the next, or in some cases, from one song to the next, their style has maintained basic reference points including France's Magma (whom they name-checked in one album title), Japan's Ruins (with whom they recorded an album), and groups of the Rock in Opposition scene, including Present and Univers Zero. The band's lineup has undergone many changes as well, but for much of Guapo's history the core of the group consisted of drummer/percussionist David J. Smith and bassist/guitarist Matt Thompson. Other periodic full-time members during the group's first decade included bassist Rojer Macoustra (with the band from 1994-1996), bassist Pid (1996-1997), and Honkies saxophonist Caroline Kraabel (1999-2000).