Mind Funk

Mind Funk was a second-division "supergroup" of sorts, formed to capitalize on the short-lived funk metal trend. The band was made up of ex-Uniform Choice vocalist Pat Dunbar; ex-M.O.D. guitarist and bassist Louis J. Svitek and John Monte; ex-Celtic Frost drummer Reed St. Mark; and second guitarist Jason Coppola. Their über-hyped self-titled debut for Epic Records caused a small media sensation with its aggressive collage of metal, punk, and funk, but bombed in stores. By the time the band came off the road in support of the album, both St. Mark and Coppola were gone, replaced by drummer Shawn Johnson and ex-Nirvana guitarist/ex-Soundgarden bassist Jason Everman. Dropped by Epic just as they were about to re-enter the studio, Mind Funk signed with Megaforce to record the appropriately named Dropped, released in 1993. Their latest release is 1995's People Who Fell From the Sky.
Eduardo Rivadavia, Rovi

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