Chopper One

The alterna-pop band Chopper One consists of the husband-and-wife team of Jason (guitar/vocals) and Amy Cropper (bass/vocals), with Tyrone Rio rounding out the trio on drums. Diehard Weezer fans may already have heard of Jason; he was a founding member of the band who split right when recording sessions for their debut album commenced (and received a co-writing credit for the track "My Name Is Jonas"). The reason for the defection wasn't musical, but personal -- then-girlfriend Amy was expecting their first child. Knowing that Weezer would be touring heavily to promote their album, Jason decided to bow out and concentrate on fatherhood. The couple eventually married, with Jason teaching Amy how to play bass in the interim. They soon formed the band Braxton Hicks, which eventually ended when drummer Darren left to join the alterna-ska band Goldfinger. When they found replacement Tyrone Rio in the autumn of 1995, they changed their name to Chopper One and signed with Restless Records, who released their debut album, Now Playing (produced by Don Fleming), in the summer of 1997. Jason has also produced an album for the group Crumbox and, along with Amy, appeared on an album by 22 Jacks.
Greg Prato, Rovi

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