Pete Way

Best known as the bassist for UFO, Pete Way has also been a member of Waysted, Fastway, and Ozzy Osbourne's touring band. Born August 7, 1951, in Enfield, Middlesex, Way co-founded UFO in 1969 along with singer Phil Mogg and drummer Andy Parker. During the early '70s, the group enjoyed some success, but it wasn't until the arrival of German guitarist Michael Schenker that UFO truly came into their own, and issued a string of influential heavy metal classics -- especially 1977's Lights Out, 1978's Obsession, and 1979's Strangers in the Night. It was also during this era that UFO earned the title of one of rock's hardest-partying bands, while Way was often photographed playing a low-slung Gibson Thunderbird bass and wearing a polka-dotted stage outfit.

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