K-Alexi Shelby recorded for prime Chicago house labels Trax and DJ International, Derrick May's seminal techno label Transmat and later, European labels ACV and Djax-Up-Beats. He is responsible for several early acid-house classics ("All for Lee-Sah," "Essence of a Dream," "It's Me") and produced one of the rare house full-lengths, Don't Cha Want It? He began DJing in the early '80s, and as part of the Risque Rhythm Team (later Risque II and Risque III), Shelby recorded "The Jacking Zone," "Essence of a Dream," and "More than Just a Dance," all 1986-1987 classics on the emerging house scene. For Trax, he also produced "Hot Swing" and the album Trick Tracks as K. Kool.

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