The Exceptions

Collectively from North Philly, the Exceptions never lucked out though a few members eventually did find modest success in music. Pro 1 Records released the first Execeptions' single, "Down by the Ocean" b/w "Pancho Villa," in 1965. It was originally scheduled for Phil Gaber's P & L label, but the deal never consummated. Members Jimmy Ellis, Earl Young, Val Walker, Russell Boston and Charles Hynes composed the group. Ellis, Young, Walker, and Boston had experience with the Cordells and the Whirlwinds. The record created a stir locally so Cameo Records snagged it for national distribution, but it never took off. Switching to Cameo's subsidiary, Parkway Records, the group cut "A Sad Goodbye" b/w "You Got The Power" in 1966 but again only to local success. With its embellished strings, "Down by the Ocean" was released again on Groovey Groves Records in 1968. As the Four Exceptions, Groovey Groves issued two of their shelved singles in 1972 to piggyback on the Trammps' Buddah recordings. Ellis and Young, two ex-Exceptions, were now Trammps, comprised at that time of members from the Exceptions and the Volcanoes. The singles, "Baby You Know I Need You" b/w "The Look in Her Eyes," and "Danny Boy" b/w "The Shagg," didn't go anywhere. Eugene Jones sang with the Four Exceptions, replacing Young. Young found success later producing, writing and as a musician. He achieved some fame with the Trammps, who recorded "Disco Inferno," on Atlantic Records, featuring Jimmy Ellis' gospel inspired vocals.
Andrew Hamilton, Rovi