Led by singer/songwriter Jason Wade, Lifehouse emerged in the early 2000s with a commercial blend of pop/rock melody and throaty, post-grunge vocals. Wade, who originally tagged the band Blyss upon its inception in 1996, was raised by missionary parents in a variety of locales. He eventually settled in Los Angeles with his mother and took a keen interest in songwriting. Bassist Sergio Andrade lived next door, and the two spent hours in Wade's garage, fine-tuning their original compositions and laying the brickwork for Lifehouse's accessible sound. Those rehearsals paved the way for a self-released album, Diff's Lucky Band, as well as a series of shows at church worship services. Lifehouse resisted the temptation to become a full-fledged Christian band, however, and instead signed a contract with Dreamworks Records as an alternative rock trio. Drummer Jon Palmer completed the lineup.

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