November 01, 2005
Kirtland Records
Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Post-Grunge, Grunge

Album Review

Come 2005, the evidence showed that '90s rock radio darlings Bush had been put into carbon freeze -- the group hadn't released a new album since 2001's Golden State, while leader Gavin Rossdale had launched a new group, Institute. So the time would be right for a career-spanning "best of" set, correct? Not quite. You do get the group's hits on the 2005 double-disc Zen X Four, but only as videos on the set's DVD portion (which also includes some behind-the-scenes footage). The audio portion, on the other hand, collects live and acoustic versions of most of the group's best-known early tracks. However, since these are not the versions that ruled MTV during the mid- to late '90s, it cannot be considered a true set of hits. From the perspective of longtime fans looking for the uncommon, Zen X Four works much better. After all, several of the tracks are included more than once, and only hardcore fans will be interested in the "acoustic versions" (which aren't really acoustic -- the volume on their Marshall stacks is just lowered a bit). But one thing's for certain, Rossdale certainly has his Cobain-isms down pat on such tracks as "Everything Zen" and "Machinehead."
Greg Prato, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Everything Zen
  2. Little Things
  3. Comedown
  4. Glycerine
  5. Machinehead
  6. Swallowed
  7. Greedy Fly
  8. Cold Contagious
  9. The Chemicals Between Us
  10. Warm Machine
  11. Letting the Cables Sleep
  12. The Science of Things [About the Album][Multimedia Track]
  13. The Chemicals Between Us [the Making of the Video]
  14. Comedown [Live Acoustic][Multimedia Track]
  15. Glycerine [Live Acoustic][Multimedia Track]
  16. Everything Zen [Live Acoustic][Multimedia Track]
  17. Machinehead [DVD][Live]
  18. Comedown [DVD][Live]
  19. Bomb [DVD][Live]
  20. Glycerine [DVD][Live]
  21. Everything Zen [DVD][Live]
  22. Little Things [DVD][Live]
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