June 21, 2005
Country, Contemporary Country, New Traditionalist

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Track Listing

  1. Should've Been a Cowboy
  2. He Ain't Worth Missing
  3. Under the Fall
  4. Some Kinda Good Kinda Hold on Me
  5. Wish I Didn't Know Now
  6. Ain't No Thang
  7. Valentine
  8. A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action
  9. Mama Come Quick
  10. Close But No Guitar
  11. Who's That Man
  12. Big Ol' Truck
  13. Victoria's Secret
  14. No Honor Among Thieves
  15. Upstairs Downtown
  16. You Ain't Much Fun
  17. In Other Words
  18. Woman Behind the Man
  19. Life Was a Play (The World a Stage)
  20. Boomtown
  21. The Lonely
  22. Every Night
  23. Closin' Time at Home
  24. A Woman's Touch
  25. Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine on You
  26. Lucky Me
  27. She's Perfect
  28. She's Gonna Get It
  29. Me Too
  30. Hello