April 27, 2004
Prism Leisure
Soundtrack, Modern Composition

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Track Listing

  1. Glamour music medley including 'Oh Fabulous One': 'Huxley': 'Girl of th
  2. One life to live
  3. This is new
  4. The princess of pure delight
  5. It's never too late to Mendelssohn
  6. Tchaikovsky (and other Russians)
  7. The saga of Jenny
  8. My ship
  9. (Bonus Tracks) One life to live [*]
  10. (Bonus Tracks) The princess of pure delight [*]
  11. (Bonus Tracks) My ship [*]
  12. (Bonus Tracks) Jenny [*]
  13. (Extra Bonus Tracks) The saga of Jenny [*]