May 20, 2003
Sony Music Distribution
Latin, Latin Pop, Dance-Pop

Album Review

Similar to jazz artists, Latin pop singers can move back and forth between audiences, exploring new terrain with a crossover album and then returning home to the faithful with a more traditional date. Almas del Silencio, Ricky Martin's first Spanish record in five years, actually offers something for all of his widely varying audiences, from Jalisco to Hartford. The opener "Jaleo" is a kitchen-sink performance, boasting Spanish guitar but also a few biting metal chords, a deep bottom end for dance fans, and a yearning, romantic vocal. The single "Tal Vez" is pure ballad territory, with an army of strings and Martin struggling to pull off a histrionic performance. He breaks out with some subtle vocal feats on the digital-age Emilio Estefan, Jr. production "Jamas," and also sounds great during the other dance track, "Besos de Fuego." There's something here for everyone.
John Bush, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Jaleo
  2. Tal Vez
  3. Jamás
  4. Si Tú Te Vas
  5. Nadie Más Que Tú
  6. Besos de Fuego
  7. Asignatura Pendiente
  8. Juramento
  9. Y Todo Queda en Nada
  10. Si Ya No Estás Aquí
  11. Raza de Mil Colores
  12. Las Almas del Silencio
  13. Jaleo [Spanglish][*]
  14. Almas del Silencio [Multimedia Disc]
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