May 26, 1969
Avant-Garde, Experimental, Noise

Album Review

John Lennon and Yoko Ono's second collaborative album consists of five tracks: all of side one is taken up by "Cambridge 1969," a live recording at Lady Mitchell Hall in Cambridge of Lennon playing an electric guitar backup to Ono's singing and screaming. Side two includes an a cappella rendering by Ono of "No Bed for Beatle John," whose subject is the refusal of a hospital to give Lennon a bed so he could stay during his wife's troubled pregnancy. "Baby's Heartbeat" is what it says it is, "Two Minutes Silence" is a commemoration of Ono's miscarriage (and is also what it says it is), and "Radio Play" is 12 minutes of a radio dial being turned back and forth to pick up random stations. If, as they suggested, their lives were their art, then this is, too. Maybe. [The 1997 CD reissue adds two bonus tracks: a previously unreleased version of Ono's "Song for John" and the previously unreleased "Mulberry," which is nine minutes of Yoko's vocal improv backed by careening, atonal guitar runs.]
William Ruhlmann, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Cambridge 1969
  2. No Bed for Beatle John
  3. Baby's Heartbeat
  4. Two Minutes Silence
  5. Radio Play
  6. Song for John [#][*]
  7. Mulberry [#][*]