Album Review

Despite its title, this disc was recorded in Chicago in November of 1999, and was originally available as a limited-edition bonus disc accompanying Cracker's 2002 Forever album. Reissued as its own entity, and including four music videos of Forever tracks like "Guarded by Monkeys" and "Shine" among others, the disc captures the band in top form on their radio anthems "Teen Angst" and "Low." While the latter highlights the fluid guitar riffing of Johnny Hickman, frontman David Lowery shines on the emotive ballad "The Big Dipper" -- culled from 1996's The Golden Age. If the crowd-pleasing cover of Status Quo's "Pictures of Matchstick Men," (popularized by Lowery's other band, Camper Van Beethoven), seems like an ill fit here, Hello, Cleveland! Live From the Metro captures a strong band tearing through an equally muscular set.
John D. Luerssen, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Seven Days
  2. The Good Life
  3. Lonesome Johnny Blues
  4. Big Dipper
  5. Around the World
  6. Teen Angst
  7. Crackersoul
  8. Sweet Thistle Pie
  9. The World Is Mine
  10. Low
  11. Pictures of Matchstick Men
  12. Guarded by Monkeys [Multimedia Track]
  13. Forever [Multimedia Track]
  14. Merry Christmas Emily [Multimedia Track]
  15. Shine [Multimedia Track]