August 20, 2002
Proper Records
Reggae, Rocksteady, Roots Reggae

Album Review

Jamaican singer Delroy Wilson was only 14-years-old when he first entered a recording studio, and although he died young, at 47, he still left behind over 30 years of remarkably consistent work. Like seemingly everyone else on the island, he got his start with producer Clement "Coxsone" Dodd at Studio One, but throughout his career, Wilson worked with several producers, most notably Bunny Lee and Lloyd Chalmers. This two-disc collection centers on his peak rocksteady and early reggae years, and includes many of his biggest hits ("Dancing Mood," "Riding for a Fall," "Conquer Me"). Wilson, once his voice changed, and his teen idol years were behind him, matured into one of Jamaica's finest soul singers, and he had an unerring ability to bring fresh nuances to familiar American soul tunes, illustrated here by his brilliant versions of "Get Ready" (originally done by the Temptations), and "It's the Same Old Song" (originally performed by the Four Tops). His raspy sincerity even brings depth to his cover of the Rays' 1957 hit "Two Silhouettes." Also included here are the early Jamaican hit "Joe Liges," written by Lee "Scratch" Perry, and two of Wilson's best performances, "Better Must Come" and "Cool Operator," both produced by Bunny Lee. It would have been nice if a couple of tracks from Sarge, an album produced by Lloyd Chalmers, could have been included, but that's a minor flaw in what is a pretty decent selection of tunes from this wonderful singer.
Steve Leggett, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Spit in the Sky
  2. Dancing Mood
  3. Riding for a Fall
  4. It's Impossible
  5. Trying to Conquer Me
  6. I'm Not a King
  7. Joe Liges
  8. Once Upon a Time
  9. I Want to Love You
  10. This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You)
  11. Here Comes the Heartache
  12. Rain From the Sky
  13. Movie Star
  14. Put Yourself in My Place
  15. Tune In
  16. Keep on Running
  17. Just Say Who
  18. I'm in the Mood for Love
  19. Let There Be Love
  20. It's the Same Old Song
  21. Baby, You Got What It Takes
  22. Who Cares
  23. Money Love
  24. Hold Me Tight
  25. Better Must Come
  26. Cool Operator
  27. Stick by Me
  28. Won't You Come Home
  29. Show Me the Way
  30. Close to Me
  31. True Believer in Love
  32. Can I Change My Mind
  33. Somebody Has Stolen My Baby
  34. Your Love Is Amazing
  35. I Shall Be Released
  36. Can't You See
  37. Get Ready
  38. Golden Touch
  39. Silhouette
  40. Go Away Dream
  41. Baby Here I Am
  42. It's Too Late Girl
  43. Goin' to a Ball
  44. Closer Together
  45. Push Come to Shove
  46. I Can't Stand It
  47. Call on Me