May 16, 2000
Reggae, Political Reggae, Roots Reggae

Album Review

Before officially breaking away from the Wailers and beginning his solo career, Peter Tosh recorded a number of singles under his own name with the legendary producer Bunny Lee. Those recordings play a central part in this generous 25-track compilation, which also includes material from Wailers sessions produced by Lee "Scratch" Perry and Leslie Kong, and some of Tosh's solo work with Joe Gibbs. Most of the best tracks here will be familiar to Tosh and Wailers fans -- "Maga Dog," "Brand New Second Hand," and "Them A Fe Get a Beating" have all appeared on numerous collections. But there are some very worthwhile obscurities on this program as well, including a gorgeous rock steady paean to Haile Selassie entitled "Rightful Ruler" (on which Tosh shares the mic with U Roy), Tosh's dour "Downpressor," and a charming cover version of Jimmy Witherspoon's R&B hit "Ain't Nobody's Business." Curiosities include the four alternate versions of "Maga Dog" (some of them recorded by other artists) and a smattering of instrumentals featuring Tosh on organ -- sometimes competently ("Ambitious Beggar," "Memphis") and sometimes not ("The Crimson Pirate," "Pepper Seed"). Recommended.
Rick Anderson, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Brand New Second Hand
  2. Maga Dog
  3. Skanky Dog
  4. Boney Dog
  5. Maingy Dog
  6. Fat Dog
  7. The Crimson Pirate
  8. Rightful Ruler
  9. Moon Dust
  10. 400 Years
  11. Ambitious Beggar
  12. Memphis
  13. Rudie's Medley
  14. The Return of Alcapone
  15. Them a Fe Get a Beaten
  16. Reuben
  17. Stop the Train
  18. Sun Valley
  19. Nobody's Business
  20. Selassie Serenade
  21. Downpresser
  22. Pepper Sead
  23. Arise Black Man
  24. Romper Room
  25. Brand New Second Hand
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