September 28, 1999
Pop/Rock, Country-Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Soft Rock

Album Review

RCA's 1999 compilation Greatest Hits is the definitive portrait of Pure Prairie League at their peak. Although it contains none of their Casablanca recordings, and therefore it's missing their biggest hit, "Let Me Love You Tonight," it does have a comprehensive chronicle of the group's first four albums, including their breakthrough hit "Amie," the non-LP "She Darked the Sun," and nearly all of their best album, Bustin' Out, albeit not in sequence. It would have been nice to have "Let Me Love You Tonight" added to this collection, but it's hard to argue with what's here, since it is the best of the best years of Pure Prairie League.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Tears
  2. You're Between Me
  3. It's All on Me
  4. Woman
  5. Falling in and Out of Love
  6. Amie
  7. Jazzman
  8. Early Morning Riser
  9. Angel No. 9
  10. Boulder Skies
  11. Call Me, Tell Me
  12. Angel
  13. She Darked the Sun
  14. Just Can't Believe It
  15. Two Lane Highway
  16. That'll Be the Day
  17. Goin' Home
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