January 12, 1999
Sony Music Distribution
World, Traditional Folk, Western European Traditions, Celtic, French, Celtic Folk

Album Review

Perhaps Brittany's most well-known Celtic artist, guitarist Dan Ar Braz completes the trilogy of his ambitious mid-'90s undertakings. Finisterres is another gathering of the most talented Celtic musicians performing today: Donal Lunny, John McSherry, Sharon Shannon, Noel Bridgeman, and Carlos Nunez, with vocals from Karen Matheson (Capercaillie) and Elaine Morgan (Rose Among Thorns). This recording brings together the traditional music of Ireland and Brittany in a contemporary framework in which no instrument is overlooked; harp, pipes, accordion, fiddle, and guitar are all given their due. The two additional Ar Braz albums on Columbia France, Heritage des Celtes and En Concert, run along similar lines.
Dave Sleger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Broken Prayer
  2. Holyhead
  3. La Costa de Galicia
  4. Mi le M' Uilinn
  5. Ril an Suaimhnis (The Cooper Hills of Beara)
  6. Le Pays
  7. Evit AR Barz
  8. La Broella
  9. Kilbrandon (The Little Cascade)
  10. Left in Peace
  11. Finisterres
  12. Se Mo Gradh Na Gamhna Geala
  13. The Chestnut Tree/The Deraming Sea/Micheal O'Dwyer's Jig
  14. Diawanit Bugale
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