November 18, 1997
Soundtrack, Opera, Modern Composition

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Track Listing

  1. Die Muschel von Margate (Petroleum-Song) [From Konjunktur]
  2. Moritat von Mackie Messer [From Die Dreigroschenoper]
  3. Kanonensong [From Die Dreigroschenoper]
  4. Die Seeräuber-Jenny [From Die Dreigroschenoper]
  5. Barbara-Song [From Die Dreigroschenoper]
  6. Moritat and Choral [From Die Dreigroschenoper]
  7. Tango-Ballade und Kanonensong [From Die Dreigroschenoper]
  8. Jomfru Dilemma (Barbara-Song) [From Die Dreigroschenoper]
  9. Complainte de Mackie (Moritat con Mackie Messer) [From Die ...]
  10. Chants des canons (Kanonensong) [From Die Dreigroschenoper]
  11. La Fiançée du Pirate (Die Seeräuber-Jenny) [From Die Dreigroschenoper]
  12. La Fiançée du Pirate (Die Seeräuber-Jenny) [From Die Dreigroschenoper]
  13. Chant de Barbara (Barbara-Song) [From Die Dreigroschenoper]
  14. Alabama Song [From Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny]
  15. Denn wie man sich bettet [From Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny]
  16. Der Song von Mandalay [From Happy End]
  17. Matronensong [From Happy End]
  18. Surabaya-Johnny [From Happy End]
  19. September Song [From Knickerbocker Holiday]
  20. Introduction... A History of New York... Clunk, Clunk, Swish... Entranc
  21. It Never Was You
  22. One Touch of Alchemy... All Hail The Political Honeymoon
  23. Act 2. Introduction... There's Nowhere To Go But Up [From ...]
  24. Marching Song: To War! [From Knickerbocker Holiday]
  25. The Scars [From Knickerbocker Holiday]
  26. Act 2. Finale: September Song (Reprise)... That's How You Tell An Ameri
  27. September Song [From Knickerbocker Holiday]
  28. Lost in the Stars [From Ulysses Africanus]
  29. Jenny [From Lady in the Dark]
  30. The Princess of Pure Delight [From Lady in the Dark]
  31. My Ship [From Lady in the Dark]
  32. One Life To Live [From Lady in the Dark]
  33. The Saga of Jenny [From Lady in the Dark]
  34. The Battle Hymn of the Republic ("Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory," words by
  35. The Star Spangled Banner [From Mine Eyes Have Seen Glory]
  36. America the Beautiful (original title "Materna") [From Mine Eyes Have S
  37. Beat! Beat! Drums!, song for voice & piano (or orchestra) (Walt Whitman
  38. Very, Very, Very [From One Touch of Venus]
  39. Wooden Wedding [From One Touch of Venus]
  40. That's Him [From One Touch of Venus]
  41. Speak Low [From One Touch of Venus]
  42. Jersey Plunk [From One Touch of Venus]
  43. The Trouble With Women [From One Touch of Venus]