April 08, 1997
Caroline Distribution
Electronica, Techno, Experimental Rock, Ambient Pop, Alternative/Indie Rock, Trip-Hop, Ambient Techno, Electronica, Club/Dance

Album Review

The third in the Sourcelab series is another two-disc set, with great tracks by well-known producers like I:Cube, Aleph, DJ Cam and Air, as well as worthy obscure names like Tele Pop Musik, Extra Lucid and Bel Air Project.
Keith Farley, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Faithfull
  2. Nite Fly
  3. Sonic 75
  4. Symphony of Sickness
  5. Mondorama
  6. Antisocial
  7. Power Sandwich
  8. What About Your Love?
  9. Mais Où Est Geneviève?
  10. Inflammable B. Boy
  11. Post It
  12. Jean-Jacques and Les Dauphins
  13. Sunshine
  14. Lapheetphunkateerz
  15. Doctor F
  16. Obsession
  17. Salami Man
  18. La Méthode Rose
  19. Magik
  20. Paris Acid City
  21. No Pain Without Your Love
  22. Abcd Mental
  23. Cosmic Bird