Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Urban, Quiet Storm, Smooth Soul

Album Review

After an extremely long time without a recording contract, the dynamic R&B husband-and-wife singing duo Ashford & Simpson decided to create their own label. This time out, they returned with a friend, the poet Maya Angelou. This is far from their best material, but the concept itself makes this an interesting project. Throughout these 11 urban adult contemporary songs Ashford & Simpson weave their luminous harmonies around Angelou's distinctively gravel-voiced recitations. The title track is the most inviting and boasts a delicious chorus on the subject of finding true love that will last. Angelou opens "Where We Come From," a reflection on childhood, with heartfelt nostalgia that works very well with the song's construction. However, sometimes the hip-hop influence later in the set becomes overwhelming on cuts like "This Time It's Real" and "Made for Me"; moreover, the poems don't always snugly fit the songs, but seem to have been inserted for no reason other than the idea that each song should have one. Still, Ashford & Simpson's following will savor this set in spite of its flaws.
Bil Carpenter, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Been Found
  2. I Remember All
  3. Made for Me
  4. Where We Come From
  5. This Time It's Real
  6. What If
  7. Just Talking
  8. Keeps on Getting Better
  9. Sweet Thing
  10. It's Your Love
  11. Why Shouldn't It Be Me