October 29, 1996
Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Smooth Soul, Urban

Album Review

A 15-song sampler of their 1980s work, leaning far more heavily on tracks from the first half of the decade, this includes the hits "I'll Be There for You," "Count Your Blessings," "Street Opera," and "Solid," although one of their biggest, "Outta the World," is strangely absent. More than just about any other single-artist compilation you could name, this is a definitive representation of how mainstream soul often sounded in the 1980s. Which is to say, it often sounded more like adult contemporary pop than soul.
Richie Unterberger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. I'll Be There for You
  2. Love It Away
  3. Mighty Mighty Love
  4. Make It Work Again
  5. I'm Not That Tough
  6. Street Opera, Pt. 1: Working Man
  7. Street Opera, Pt. 2: Who Will They Look To
  8. Street Opera, Pt. 3: Street Corner
  9. Street Opera, Pt. 4: Times Will Be Good Again
  10. Street Opera, Pt. 5: Working Man (Reprise)
  11. Solid
  12. Cherish Forever More
  13. Tonight We Escape (We Make Love)
  14. Still Such a Thing
  15. Count Your Blessings