October 03, 2011
Edsel Records
Pop/Rock, Hard Rock, Psychedelic, Power Pop, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Proto-Punk, Album Rock, Art Rock

Album Review

Edsel’s 2011 two-fer of A Wizard, a True Star and Todd combines remastered versions of two of Todd Rundgren’s wildly imaginative records on one set and adds three bonus tracks to the mix: a live broadcast version of “Ooh Baby Baby” from 1971, then two live cuts from a November 1974 show in St Louis -- “A Dream Goes on Forever” and a cover of the Move’s “Do Ya.” Not the most revelatory bonus tracks, but the rawness of the live versions acts as a nice counterpoint to the in-the-studio head trips of the two LPs showcased here.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. International Feel (In 8)
  2. Never Never Land
  3. Tic Tic Tic It Wears Off
  4. You Need Your Head
  5. Rock and Roll Pussy
  6. Dogfight Giggle
  7. You Don't Have to Camp Around
  8. Flamingo
  9. Zen Archer
  10. Just Another Onionhead/Dada Dali
  11. When the Shit Hits the Fan/Sunset Blvd.
  12. Le Feel Internacionale
  13. Sometimes I Don't Know What to Feel
  14. Does Anybody Love You?
  15. I'm So Proud/Ooh Baby Baby/La La Means I Love You/Cool Jerk
  16. Hungry for Love
  17. I Don't Want to Tie You Down
  18. Is It My Name?
  19. Just One Victory
  20. How About a Little Fanfare?
  21. I Think You Know
  22. The Spark of Life
  23. An Elpee's Worth of Toons
  24. A Dream Goes on Forever
  25. Lord Chancellor's Nightmare Song
  26. Drunken Blue Rooster
  27. The Last Ride
  28. Everybody's Going to Heaven/King Kong Reggae
  29. No. 1 Lowest Common Denominator
  30. Useless Begging
  31. Sidewalk Cafe
  32. Izzat Love?
  33. Heavy Metal Kids
  34. In and Out the Chakras We Go [Formerly: Shaft Goes to Outer Space]
  35. Don't You Ever Learn?
  36. Sons of 1984
  37. Ooh Baby Baby [Live Broadcast On WMMR-FM, 30th June 1971] [Live][*]
  38. A Dream Goes on Forever [Live in St. Louis, 9th November 1974] [Live][*]
  39. Do Ya [Live in St. Louis, 9th November 1974] [Live][*]