June 28, 2011
Pop/Rock, Heavy Metal, Funk Metal, Alternative Metal, Post-Grunge, Rap-Metal, Rap-Rock

Album Review

Limp Bizkit went on hiatus during the back half of the 2000s, with leader Fred Durst finding far more critical acclaim as a film director than he ever did as a singer. Despite these hosannas, Durst felt compelled to reunite the Bizkit, to find a way to tap into the anger that started the whole ball rolling. A tough task for any band, but apart from dabbling with Auto-Tune -- the quivering electronic vocal effect that gets skewered on “AutoTunage” -- Limp Bizkit is intent on rolling back the clock and returning to the full-throttled attack of Three Dollar Bill Y’All. As sheer sound, it’s executed well -- more assured and musical than any of their other albums -- their age lending them a dexterity absent in their hits.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Introbra
  2. Bring It Back
  3. Gold Cobra
  4. Shark Attack
  5. Get a Life
  6. Shotgun
  7. Douche Bag
  8. Walking Away
  9. Loser
  10. Autotunage
  11. 90.2.10
  12. Why Try
  13. Killer in You
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