March 21, 2011
Pop/Rock, Dance-Pop, Pop

Album Review

Work on Nicole Scherzinger’s debut began way back in 2005, just after the release of the Pussycat Dolls’ first album, but things never quite went as planned. Years passed and the album never materialized, perhaps because every single released failed to make more than a ripple on the charts, and the album was pushed back in favor of a second Pussycat Dolls album in 2008. After Scherzinger appeared on and won Dancing with the Stars in 2010, however, Killer Love finally saw the light of day. The results sound not too dissimilar from a Pussycat Dolls album, a professional piece of product that hits all of its marks with precision. Scherzinger sings with finesse, and the producers -- primarily RedOne, The-Dream, and StarGate -- turn in modern dance-pop with a distinct Rihanna flavor.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Poison
  2. Killer Love
  3. Don't Hold Your Breath
  4. Right There
  5. You Will Be Loved
  6. Wet
  7. Say Yes
  8. Club Banger Nation
  9. Power's Out
  10. Desperate
  11. Everybody
  12. Heartbeat [Rudi Wells Open Heart Remix]
  13. Casualty
  14. AmenJena