March 08, 2011
Gusto Records
Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Early R&B, Pop-Soul

Album Review

Originally a gospel group out of Ohio, the Isley Brothers scored a hit, the timeless "Shout," right out of the gate for RCA Records when they decided to pursue a more secular direction. Then things sort of dried up for the group, and they signed with Wand Records (a subsidiary of Scepter Records) in 1962, releasing several twist-related singles (the twist dance phase was in full swing) for the imprint in the next year, including another hit, "Twist and Shout," before leaving the label in 1963. Moe Lytle of Gusto Records purchased the masters of these Wand recordings in 1984, and ten of them, including "Twist and Shout," appear here.
Steve Leggett, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Twist And Shout
  2. Two Stupid Feet
  3. Twistin' With Linda
  4. The Snake
  5. Nobody But Me
  6. Let's Twist Again
  7. Time After Time
  8. Nobody But Me [Version 2] [Version]
  9. Rubberleg Twist
  10. Spanish Twist [Instrumental]