April 26, 2011
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Album Review

A sequel of sorts to ABKCO’s three boxes of singles replicas from the mid-2000s, Universal’s The Singles: 1971-2006 is a gargantuan 45-disc box set that offers single replicas of every 45 the Rolling Stones released between Sticky Fingers and A Bigger Bang. Singles that saw release over multiple formats, whether they’re 12" dance singles or multi-format CD singles, see their various B-sides combined onto one CD, resulting in a whopping total of 173 tracks, 80 of which are “not currently available on official release.” This is a true statement but it greatly overestimates the actual number of genuine rarities here: most of these cuts are dubs, remixes, and extended versions, with only a small handful of B-sides being non-LP cuts. Of these, there’s even a smaller number dating from the Stones' ‘70s prime: their cooking cover of Chuck Berry’s “Let It Rock” (flip of “Brown Sugar”), the ragged disco rock of “Everything Is Turning to Gold” (the B of “Shattered”), the languid ballad “I Think I’m Going Mad” (“She Was Hot”). The collection includes a fair number of non-LP cuts from the late ‘80s and ‘90s -- often tossed-off blues that are quite enjoyable for their casual authority -- but only the hardest of hardcore should go into this thinking that they’ll get their money’s worth in rarities. Instead, this is a beautiful collector's item, something that is fun to look at and sample but nearly impossible to enjoy as a straight listening experience.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Brown Sugar
  2. Bitch
  3. Let It Rock [Live]
  4. Wild Horses
  5. Sway
  6. Tumbling Dice
  7. Sweet Black Angel
  8. Happy
  9. All Down the Line
  10. Angie
  11. Silver Train
  12. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
  13. Dancing with Mr. D
  14. It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It)
  15. Through the Lonely Nights
  16. Ain't Too Proud to Beg
  17. Dance Little Sister
  18. Fool to Cry [Version]
  19. Crazy Mama
  20. Hot Stuff [Version]
  21. Fool to Cry [Version]
  22. Miss You
  23. Far Away Eyes
  24. Miss You [12" Version] [Version]
  25. Beast of Burden
  26. When the Whip Comes Down
  27. Respectable
  28. When the Whip Comes Down
  29. Shattered
  30. Everything Is Turning to Gold
  31. Emotional Rescue
  32. Down in the Hole
  33. She's So Cold
  34. Send It to Me
  35. Start Me Up
  36. No Use in Crying
  37. Waiting on a Friend
  38. Little T&A
  39. Hang Fire
  40. Neighbours [Version]
  41. Going to a Go Go [Live] [Live]
  42. Beast of Burden [Live] [Live]
  43. Time Is on My Side [Live] [Live]
  44. Twenty Flight Rock [Live] [Live]
  45. Under My Thumb [Live] [Live]
  46. Undercover of the Night
  47. All the Way Down
  48. Undercover of the Night [Dub] [Version]
  49. Feel on Baby [Instrumental Dub] [Instrumental][Version]
  50. She Was Hot
  51. I Think I'm Going Mad [#]
  52. Too Tough
  53. Miss You
  54. Harlem Shuffle
  55. Had It with You
  56. Harlem Shuffle [NY Mix]
  57. Harlem Shuffle [London Mix]
  58. One Hit (To the Body) [Edit]
  59. Fight
  60. One Hit (To the Body) [London Mix]
  61. Mixed Emotions
  62. Fancyman Blues
  63. Mixed Emotions [Chris Kimsey's 12" Mix]
  64. Tumbling Dice
  65. Miss You
  66. Rock and a Hard Place
  67. Cook Cook Blues
  68. Rock and a Hard Place [Dance Mix]
  69. Rock and a Hard Place [Oh-Oh Hard Dub Mix]
  70. Rock and a Hard Place [Michael Brauer Mix]
  71. Rock and a Hard Place [Bonus Beats Mix]
  72. Emotional Rescue
  73. Some Girls
  74. It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It)
  75. Rocks Off
  76. Almost Hear You Sigh
  77. Break the Spell
  78. Wish I'd Never Met You
  79. Mixed Emotions
  80. Beast of Burden
  81. Angie
  82. Fool to Cry [Version]
  83. Miss You
  84. Waiting on a Friend
  85. Terrifying [7" Remix]
  86. Rock and a Hard Place
  87. Terrifying
  88. Rock and a Hard Place [Dance Mix]
  89. Harlem Shuffle [London Mix]
  90. Wish I'd Never Met You
  91. Harlem Shuffle [Album Version] [Version]
  92. Highwire [7" Version] [Version]
  93. 2,000 Light Years from Home [Live] [Live]
  94. Highwire [Full Length Version] [Version]
  95. Sympathy for the Devil [Live] [Live]
  96. I Just Want to Make Love to You [Live] [Live]
  97. Play with Fire [Live] [Live]
  98. Factory Girl [Live] [Live]
  99. Ruby Tuesday [Live] [Live]
  100. Play with Fire [Live] [Live]
  101. You Can't Always Get What You Want [Live] [Live]
  102. Undercover of the Night [Live] [Live]
  103. Rock and a Hard Place [Live] [Live]
  104. Harlem Shuffle [Live] [Live]
  105. Winning Ugly VI [London Mix]
  106. Sex Drive [Single Edit] [Edit][Version]
  107. Undercover of the Night [Live] [Live]
  108. Love Is Strong [Album Version] [Version]
  109. The Storm
  110. So Young
  111. Love Is Strong [Bob Clearmountain Remix]
  112. Love Is Strong [Teddy Riley Radio Remix]
  113. Love Is Strong [Teddy Riley Extended Remix]
  114. Love Is Strong [Teddy Riley Extended Rock Remix]
  115. Love Is Strong [Teddy Riley Dub Remix]
  116. Love Is Strong [Joe the Butcher Club Mix]
  117. Love Is Strong [Teddy Riley Instrumental] [Instrumental]
  118. You Got Me Rocking
  119. Jump on Top of Me
  120. You Got Me Rocking [Perfecto Mix]
  121. You Got Me Rocking [Sexy Disco Dub Mix]
  122. You Got Me Rocking [Trance Mix]
  123. Out of Tears [Don Was Edit] [Edit]
  124. I'm Gonna Drive
  125. Out of Tears [Bob Clearmountain Remix Edit] [Edit]
  126. So Young
  127. Sparks Will Fly [Radio Clean Version] [Version]
  128. I Go Wild [LP Version] [Version]
  129. I Go Wild [Scott Litt Remix]
  130. I Go Wild [Live] [Live]
  131. I Go Wild [Luis Resto Straight Vocal Mix]
  132. Like a Rolling Stone [Album Version] [Live]
  133. Black Limousine
  134. All Down the Line [Live]
  135. Like a Rolling Stone [Edit] [Edit]
  136. Anybody Seen My Baby? [LP Edit] [Edit]
  137. Anybody Seen My Baby? [Soul Solution Remix Edit] [Edit]
  138. Anybody Seen My Baby? [Armand's Rolling Steelo Mix]
  139. Anybody Seen My Baby? [Soul Solution Remix]
  140. Anybody Seen My Baby? [Bonus Roll] [Version]
  141. Anybody Seen My Baby? [Album Version] [Version]
  142. Saint of Me [Radio Edit] [Edit]
  143. Anyway You Look at It
  144. Gimme Shelter [Live] [Live]
  145. Saint of Me [Deep Dish Grunge Garage Remix, Pts. 1-2]
  146. Saint of Me [Deep Dish Grunge Garage Dub]
  147. Saint of Me [Deep Dish Rolling Dub]
  148. Anybody Seen My Baby [Bonus Roll] [Version]
  149. Anybody Seen My Baby [Phil Jones Remix]
  150. Saint of Me [Deep Dish Club Mix]
  151. Saint of Me [Deep Dish Grunge Dub]
  152. Saint of Me [Todd Terry Extended Remix]
  153. Out of Control [Album Radio Edit] [Edit]
  154. Out of Control [In Hand with Fluke Radio Edit] [Edit][Version]
  155. Out of Control [Bi-Polar at the Controls]
  156. Out of Control [Bi-Polar Outer Version]
  157. Out of Control [In Hand with Fluke Instrumental] [Instrumental]
  158. Out of Control [In Hand with Fluke Full Version] [Version]
  159. Out of Control [Bi-Polar's Fat Controller Mix]
  160. Out of Control [Saber Final Mix]
  161. Don't Stop [Edit] [Edit]
  162. Don't Stop [New Rock Mix]
  163. Miss You [Remix]
  164. Streets of Love
  165. Rough Justice
  166. Rain Fall Down [ Remix]
  167. Rain Fall Down [Radio Edit] [Edit]
  168. Rain Fall Down [Ashley Beedle's Heavy Disco Radio Edit] [Edit]
  169. Rain Fall Down [Ahsley Beedle's Heavy Disco Vocal Re-Edit] [Edit]
  170. Biggest Mistake
  171. Dance, Pt. 1 [Live] [Live]
  172. Before They Make Me Run [Live from Paris Olympia 11/07/03] [Live]
  173. Hand of Fate [Live from Paris Olympia 11/07/03] [Live]