November 30, 2010
Country, Contemporary Country, Adult Contemporary, Neo-Traditionalist Country, Country-Pop

Album Review

Two years after releasing Greatest Hits, Vol. 3, Tim McGraw put out Number One Hits -- a double-disc distillation of 24 of his biggest hits. Naturally, not every one of his charting singles fit under this rubric, but Number One Hits sticks to the parameters of its title more faithfully than most discs of this nature, including only chart-toppers along with the requisite new cut “Feels Good on My Lips.” Although the sequencing is bewilderingly non-chronological, hop-scotching from one decade to another, Number One Hits does serve up all the high points from McGraw's career, and hints at his range, making this the best overview of his work yet assembled.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Live Like You Were Dying
  2. Don't Take the Girl
  3. It's Your Love
  4. Just to See You Smile
  5. Something Like That
  6. My Next Thirty Years
  7. The Cowboy in Me
  8. She Never Lets It Go to Her Heart
  9. I Like It, I Love It
  10. When the Wind Blows By
  11. Please Remember Me
  12. Real Good Man
  13. Southern Voice
  14. My Best Friend
  15. Everywhere
  16. Grown Men Don't Cry
  17. Back When
  18. Angry All the Time
  19. Last Dollar (Fly Away)
  20. Unbroken
  21. Where the Green Grass Grows
  22. Not a Moment Too Soon
  23. Indian Outlaw [Dance Mix] [*]
  24. Felt Good on My Lips [*]
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