September 13, 1993
Country, New Traditionalist, Country-Pop, Contemporary Country

Album Review

Something up My Sleeve is one of Suzy Bogguss' finest and most consistent albums. Exercising her crystal-clear vocals in ways she hadn't heretofore, she touches the heart in the most earnest way, whether it's the simplicity of "Diamonds and Tears," the skewering of America in "Souvenirs," or the hopelessness of "Something up My Sleeve." Always a step ahead of her peers, Bogguss also always has a firm foot embedded in her roots, and she has a knack for straddling both contemporary and classic country so that they mesh seamlessly. She employs some A-list female writers and vocalists on this album; Matraca Berg, Martina McBride, and Beth Nielsen Chapman all make contributions, showing how respected she is as an artist. With a keen eye on contemporary society ("Hey Cinderella") or an accusing "You Wouldn't Say That to a Stranger," Bogguss puts young upstarts to shame.
Bryan Buss, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Diamonds and Tears
  2. Just Like the Weather
  3. I Keep Comin' Back to You
  4. You Never Will
  5. You'd Be the One
  6. Hey Cinderella
  7. Souvenirs
  8. You Wouldn't Say That to a Stranger
  9. No Green Eyes
  10. Something Up My Sleeve
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