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Album Review

A comeback album that by all rights shouldn't be this good, Better Days reunites Southside Johnny with his old cohorts Springsteen and Van Zandt and some special guests (Jon Bon Jovi, Flo and Eddie) for 11 bittersweet originals capped by the gorgeous soul ballad "It's Been a Long Time."
Kit Kiefer, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Coming Back
  2. All I Needed Was You
  3. It's Been a Long Time
  4. Soul's on Fire (Intro)
  5. Soul's on Fire
  6. Better Days (Intro)
  7. Better Days
  8. I've Been Working Too Hard
  9. Ride the Night Away
  10. The Right to Walk Away
  11. All Night Long (Intro)
  12. All Night Long
  13. All the Way Home
  14. Shake 'Em Down
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