Electronica, House, Club/Dance

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Track Listing

  1. Male FX (Intro)
  2. Siren
  3. Junyork
  4. X-tatic [JMBW & Joe Dickerson Midight Mix]
  5. Walls Down [Tom Stephan Remix]
  6. Noise Violation [Masi & Mello's Beatz 2 Da Brain Remix]
  7. Doesn't Matter [Oriignal Mix]
  8. Bring Me Down [ATFC Remix]
  9. Step By Step
  10. Can't Say No [Tommyboy Dub]
  11. Your Love [Jaimy Remix]
  12. I Don't Want To Lose You [The Str8jackets Dub]
  13. Demented [Joe's Demented Loop Mix]
  14. Ahora [Jason Chance Remix]
  15. Alone [Benny Royal Mix]
  16. Joy [JMBW & Joe Dickerson's Club Mix]
  17. Feel It [Todd's House Is A Feel It Mix]
  18. Movin' Up [Jonny Montana Remix]
  19. Supernatural [Jonny Montana Remix]