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Album Review

Columbia/Legacy’s Music of Judas Priest, a triple-disc, budget-priced box set, holds up pretty well against some of the band’s previous collections. Longtime fans will find nothing here that they don’t already have in their libraries, but the fact that the compilation spans the legendary metal outfit’s entire career (from 1974’s Rocka Rolla through 2008’s Nostradamus) makes it the most affordable way for casual listeners to procure the best of the best.
James Christopher Monger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Tyrant
  2. Sinner
  3. Let Us Prey/Call for the Priest
  4. Exciter
  5. Better by You, Better Than Me
  6. Stained Class
  7. Invader
  8. The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown) [Live]
  9. Killing Machine
  10. Hell Bent for Leather
  11. Delivering the Goods
  12. Breaking the Law
  13. Living After Midnight
  14. Metal Gods
  15. Grinder
  16. Hot Rockin'
  17. Heading Out to the Highway
  18. Desert Plains
  19. The Hellion/Electric Eye [Live]
  20. Screaming for Vengeance
  21. Riding on the Wind
  22. Bloodstone
  23. You've Got Another Thing Coming
  24. Freewheel Burning
  25. Jawbreaker
  26. The Sentinel
  27. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
  28. Turbo Lover
  29. Out in the Cold
  30. Parental Guidance
  31. Ram It Down
  32. Blood Red Skies
  33. Painkiller
  34. All Guns Blazing
  35. Judas Rising
  36. Revolution
  37. Prophecy
  38. Pestilence and Plague
  39. Nostradamus