March 09, 2004

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Track Listing

  1. Second Hand (Orginal Featuring Bob Marley)
  2. No Sympathy (Full Length)
  3. Go Tell It on the Mountain
  4. Stop the Train
  5. Soon Come
  6. The World Is Changing
  7. Give Me a Ticket (Also Known as the Letter)
  8. Cant You See
  9. Brand New Second Hand (Featuring Bob Marley)
  10. Four Hundred Years (Alternative)
  11. Downpresser (Also Known as Downpresser Man)
  12. Memphis
  13. Keep on Moving (Extended Version Part 1)
  14. Keep on Moving (Extended Version Part 2)
  15. Keep on Moving (Extended Version Part 3)
  16. Sun Is Shinnind (DJ Version)
  17. Stepping Razor
  18. Fire Fire
  19. Funeral (Also Known as Burial
  20. Dem a Fi Get a Beatin
  21. Pound Get a Blow
  22. Love