November 26, 2007
Music Club Records
Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Post-Punk, Neo-Psychedelia, Alternative/Indie Rock, College Rock

Album Review

While 2006's Very Best of Echo & the Bunnymen: More Songs to Learn and Sing remains the quintessential and most comprehensive single-disc Echo collection, Music Club's two-disc Killing Moon: The Best of Echo & the Bunnymen provides fans with a deeper selection of pre-Reverberation material. Short of just picking up the first four albums, Killing Moon offers up a near complete list of highlights from the band's most prolific period, with a brief nod to later works.
James Christopher Monger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Pictures On My Wall
  2. The Puppet
  3. Do It Clean
  4. Crocodiles
  5. Rescue
  6. All That Jazz
  7. Villiers Terrace
  8. Show of Strength
  9. Over the Wall
  10. A Promise
  11. With a Hip
  12. All My Colours
  13. The Cutter
  14. The Back of Love
  15. Higher Hell
  16. Gods Will Be Gods
  17. Never Stop
  18. Heads Will Roll
  19. The Killiing Moon
  20. Silver
  21. Angel and Devils
  22. Ocean Rain
  23. My Kingdom
  24. Seven Seas
  25. Crystal Days
  26. Bring On the Dancing Horses
  27. People Are Strange
  28. Bed Bugs and Ballyhoo
  29. The Game
  30. Lost and Found
  31. Thorn of Crowns
  32. Lips Like Sugar
  33. Zimbo [Live]
  34. Do It Clean [Live]
  35. Ocean Rain [Live]
  36. The Killing Moon [Live]
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