February 13, 2006
Rhythm & Blues, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Philly Soul, Soul, Quiet Storm, Smooth Soul

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Track Listing

  1. Heaven Fallin' Out (Live)
  2. You're a Big Girl Now (Live)
  3. I'm Stone in Love With You (Live)
  4. Betcha By Golly Wow (Live)
  5. Country Living (Live)
  6. Stop, Look, Listen to Your Heart (Live)
  7. Children of the Night (Live)
  8. It's Too Late (Live)
  9. You Are Everything (Live)
  10. You'll Never Get to Heaven If You Break My Heart (Live)
  11. Payback Is a Dog (Live)
  12. Rockin' Roll Baby (Live)
  13. Break Up to Make Up (Live)
  14. People Make the World Go Round (Live)
  15. Hurry Up This Way Again (Live)
  16. First Impressions (Live)
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