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  • A Party With Great Prizes

    Did I mention there will be coffee and a light breakfast served? Read More
  • Your Party Invite

    This is your personal invitation to join Matt and I for our annual Sunni and Hayes Christmas party. No presents required just bring yourself to Sarcoa restaurant at Hamilton Bayfront on Tuesday,December 23rd. The show will be live from 530 til 9am and they'll be music ,coffee ,fun and more importantly your kids may enjoy a little at the outdoor rink with the beautiful bay as your backdrop.We'd love to see you . Let's share the season together! Read More
  • It's the Thankful Season

    Once agaian a caring,strong ,proud city makes Christmas a merry one for those in need Read More

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Battle of the Sexes

The Ultimate Battle takes place every weekday morning at 7:15! It's Men vs Women battling to win...
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