The Express Express Italian Eatery
Express (expresso) named after the train in Italy that traveled from Bolzano, Milano, Florence, Bologna, Rome, Calabria and Sicily through mountains, rivers and heart of many cities, express restaurant represents fusion of northern central and southern Italian cuisine.
Pepperwood Pepperwood Bistro

If you had to imagine a place where comfort and warmth were the distinguishing attributes, would you think of a bistro? It's not about going out to eat, it's about feeling relaxed and knowing that you'll be taken care of for the duration of your stay. Friendly faces guide you through the dining experience and then entice you to stay for the ambiance. Our weekend brunch is considered one of the best experiences in Burlington.


U SHAO BBQ offers a culinary experience you won’t find anywhere else in Hamilton. Being the Steel City’s only All you can eat Korean style BBQ, grill your food to perfection on the table-embedded grills. Established in 2012, U SHAO BBQ has quickly distinguished itself by winning “The View’s” Best Korean Cuisine award for 2013. Immensely popular with the locals, come by for a social eating experience you won’t soon forget.

 Spring Rolls Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls has been offering quality pan-Asian cuisine at low prices since 2996. With each of our locations uniquely and stylishly designed we have a large loyal following with fans from all over the world.

Each Spring Rolls opening is highly anticipated by Hamiltonians, as they have come to know that we will once again raise the bar on stylish restaurant design and quality cuisine.