Hunger is not acceptable

Hunger in Hamilton

Hunger is in our own back yards.

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Every month in Hamilton more than 8,000 hungry children and their families keep holding on - BY A THREAD. Most food banks allow only one visit per month. Most visitors will only get 3 days worth of food.

Local Hero

Astral Hamilton Joins the Food Fight

Hamilton, December 15, 2010,

On Tuesday, December 14, 2010, Astral Hamilton (102.9 K-lite, Oldies 1150 CKOC and 820 CHAM) staged a one day blitz to raise funds, donations and awareness for Hamilton Food Share.

Food Share at Fortino'sHamilton Food Share supplies food to local food banks and hot meal programs in the Hamilton area. Presently more than 8,507 households rely on a food bank in Hamilton each month and 64% are families with children under the age of 18.

102.9 K-lite broadcast live from Fortino’s, Mall Road location and encouraged listeners to drop by with a non-perishable food item, make a cash donation at the checkout or donate on-line through our websites. The one-day total raised over 1000 pounds of food and over $5,000 in cash donations. Thanks to partnerships with Hamilton Food Share, this cash donation translates into over $25,000 worth of food.

“Our goal is to make this Christmas season a brighter one for all our listeners,” says Drew Keith, Brand Manager for 102.9 K-lite. “Thanks to the generosity of Hamiltonians, we are able to make that dream a reality.”

Anyone who still wishes to donate can do so by contacting Hamilton Food Share at (905) 664-9065 or by following the link below.

Please follow this link to Hamilton Food Share so that anyone not able to make a food donation, can easily and conveniently make a cash donation.  Click here.

For every $1, Hamilton Food Share is able to raise $5 worth of food. Click here for details.

Hamilton Food Share

The facts:

  • 19,602 people per month turn to a food bank
  • 8,313 (42%) are children under the age of 18
  • 5.3% are over the age of 65
  • 9% are couples with no children
  • 27% are single parent families
  • 20% are dual parent families

As social service based incomes recede and minimum wage trails so far behind the current rate of inflation, food banks have become the last stop before families become homeless

Hunger, Children and Compromised Nutrition

Hunger is a symptom of poverty. Living in poverty means cutting back on non-fixed items in the household budget. Not being able to provide the basic needs means cutting back on “other expenses” such as food and allocating a significant portion of household income to the rent. Thirty Percent (30%) of food bank recipients reported frequent problems eating balanced meals and providing balanced meals for their children. Hunger among children is a critical issue in our community. Hamilton Food Share’s HungerCount 2009 showed that over 8,300 children access food banks every month. Children constitute 26% of the population yet make up 42% of all the people who need emergency food support. As stated in Position of Dietitians of Canada, “Mothers sacrifice their own food to protect their children from hunger.” Despite access to a food bank parents stated, one in five children did not eat a balanced meal most days of the week and almost 20% of children using a food bank do not eat breakfast every day. Children need to be ready to learn. Children in food insecure households who are exposed to hunger frequently experience a lack of focus in school and in the long term can experience learning impairments.

Please, help. Donate today. Every and any contribution can make such a difference. Click here now.

 On Tuesday, December 14, Astral Hamilton is raising awareness and donations for Food Share by being on site at Fortino’s (Mall Road location - map below) from 8am to 6 pm.