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Spring Cleaning Continues

Posted By: Sunni Genesco · 4/3/2014 4:30:00 AM

You know all it takes is a decision to paint a wall or remove carpet and all of a sudden it's time to clean up other areas of your home.  My hubby and I have been looking at new furniture for our bedroom and that's meant clearing out clothing in dresser drawers that hasn't seen the light of the day in years.  I find it so hard to part with this stuff sometimes and I don't really know why.  Will I ever wear it ?  Why do I always wear the same 5 pieces of clothing?  More importantly , I have so many odd pairs of shoes that I've decided I can't let this stuff take over my life .  It needs to go and it needs to in a home where it will be worn.   Oprah Winfrey once said you can't let this stuff own YOU.  Wish me luck as I continue spring cleaning and I hope you do the same.  It actually feels quite good when you're doing it!!!!

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