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Are The Kids Bored Yet?

Posted By: Sunni Genesco · 3/12/2014 4:30:00 AM

Of course it's March break.  The malls are packed with young teens shopping , having lattes and catching afternoon matinees.  That's okay .  If parents just couldn't get time off from work what's a little wondering through the malls going to hurt?  I know from experience that it's great exercise and beats sittting in the house channel surfing .  Hanging out with best firends is a good thing and you don't have to feel as a parent that you should have booked something for them to do.  Sometimes it's good to see just how creative kids can be when they have time on their hands and let's face it , the reality is you can't always get time off during March break so that forces your older kids to really come up with something more to do than sleep in til 3 in the afternoon (actually that sounds good to me right now).  Enjoy March break kids and see you at the mall.

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