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It's Clock Changing Time

Posted By: Sunni Genesco · 3/5/2014 4:15:00 AM

I know it's hard to believe but yes, we are going to lose an hour this weekend as we move our clocks ahead an hour and hopefully start to see some semblance of snow melting , sunshine and happier faces.   This has been one long winter and although spring is still a couple of weeks away, we've all been trying to see some sort of sign that this brutal winter is finally going to say bye bye and leave us some warmer weather .  I just want to see the end of salt stains all over my clothes and those clumps of slush that harden and form at the front and back of my car that I have to kick off on a regular basis.  Is there a plus side of all this?  Yes, we're all in this together  folks .  It's yuk weather everywhere unless of course you board a plane and fly a good 4 hours out of Canada. So grab your coffee, a good book, great friends whatever it takes to enjoy what's left this traditional winter!!!!!!  

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